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Trevor Keir has been providing professional design services in Toronto for over thirty years. With a wide range of experience in design and construction projects, our client’s ideas are interpreted through drawings into beautiful, functional well integrated spaces.

Affiliations with excellent structural, mechanical and soil engineering consultants allow us to offer full building permit drawing packages for residential additions and renovations tailored to your individual needs. We have extensive building department and Committee of Adjustment experience and are BCIN compliant.

Our extensive portfolio of built work and list of references and testimonials will attest to our versatility of design and breadth of experience and our ability to work with you to achieve the space you want.


Good design is an essential element in adding value to a home, making it more exciting to live in and comfortable to use. A good design will evolve from a process that looks at the location or site, the activities the design must accommodate, the shape or form the building will have and the materials from which the building is made. When designing an addition or renovation there is a pre-existing building to consider with its own activities, form and materials. A good design will result in bringing these two ideas together in a meaningful way.


The drawings that define the design will explain and document the scope of work to be accomplished in the renovation and every detail of the design. The information will be used by the owner, the estimator, the engineers, the building department, the contractor, the subtrades, the inspectors and others. A complete set of drawings will ensure accurate estimated construction costs from contractors.

The drawings will become part of the contract between the owner and builder. They are the legal documents that planning and building authorities will use to make decisions about the property and the construction. A concise and thorough set of detailed drawings will protect everyone involved from errors, disputes and delays.